Routine Dental Care

Routine Dental Care

Practicing optimum oral hygiene is one of the simplest and most important things we can do to maintain a healthy body. As the old saying goes, the mouth is the gateway to the body. Meaning, how well you take care of your oral health directly affects your overall health.

Brush and floss without fail

Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day helps to keep the majority of microbes away from your mouth. It also slows down the growth of microbes in your mouth as the day progresses. This basic oral hygiene activity significantly reduces the chances of contracting gum diseases, the onset of cavities due to tooth decay, and bad breath as well.

Choosing a toothpaste rich in fluoride is recommended as it keeps the teeth strong and helps them fight cavities. Use a medium-soft bristled toothbrush, as it cleans the teeth well without harming the gum tissues. Most individuals usually ignore flossing, but it isn't a healthy practice. A lot of microbes and food debris could be lodged in between the teeth, which increases the chances of developing cavities. Floss your teeth every day to keep cavities at bay and have a long-lasting fresh breath.

Regular dental consultations

No matter how well you brush and floss your teeth, a few microbes will tend to get left behind in the difficult-to-reach parts of the mouth. Over time, the accumulated microbes form dark patches on the teeth, called tartar. When tartar isn't removed at regular intervals, it could lead to the formation of cavities. In severe cases, they can give rise to gum diseases that affect one's entire oral health.

Regular oral consultations allow the dentist to screen your mouth for tartar deposits and get rid of them at the early stages itself. This can be done by procedures such as scaling and root planing. The dentist uses an ultrasonic hand-held scaling device to remove the tartar deposits. Along with oral cleaning, the dentist also tends to keep in check other possible dental conditions.

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