Invisalign is one of the best orthodontic appliances to treat a malocclusion. Its exclusive features like transparency, removability, and effectiveness make it the best alternative over braces, which was once the only orthodontic treatment option available.

Why should you choose Invisalign?

  • Invisalign is made from a transparent dental-grade plastic material, which makes the aligners virtually invisible.
  • They are easily removable.
  • They are metal-free.
  • Invisalign is developed based on advanced technology. Hence, the dentist can accurately track the changes in the alignment of your teeth and predict how they would move with a new set of aligners.
  • Invisalign treatment doesn’t require you to visit the dentist frequently.

Treatment procedure

The dentist will start Invisalign treatment by visually examining your teeth and deciding whether you need orthodontic treatment or not. The dentist then cleans your teeth thoroughly and takes X-rays and 3D scanning to accurately map out the position of the teeth. 

The data from the images and measurements of the teeth are sent to a dental laboratory where they fabricate customized aligners. They are made with high precision and also in a way to fit perfectly on the teeth. They work by gently applying pressure on the teeth that are out of place and moving them into the desired position. The aligners will have to be changed in a few weeks when the dentist gives you a different aligner. The new aligner will be slightly different from the previous one as it should accommodate the changes in the teeth alignment.

Invisalign will have to be worn the whole day to make sure the treatment is effective and completed on time. The time period for the whole treatment depends on the severity of the dental issue.

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