We are happy to announce that the Sunbit payment system is now running. With the help of Sunbit, you no longer have to go through any hassle while making payment for your dental care. It will make your experience better, and you will have the following benefits:

  • Stress-free application that takes 30 seconds to complete
  • No in-depth credit checks


Have you been putting off your dental work because of financial concerns? We realize that the costs associated with healthcare can sometimes become overwhelming and, for this reason, we offer several options for conveniently financing your dental work. You can now qualify for financing in a few minutes with CareCredit and Ajeva. Click the link below or stop by our office to fill out the paperwork!

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed to help you finance your health, beauty, and wellness needs. It’s an easy way to cover costs associated with various treatments and procedures and it allows you to make convenient minimum monthly payments. For complete details on financing terms, please review the CareCredit account agreement within the application.