Replace Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Posted by MINT DENTAL CARE on Apr 24 2020, 07:49 AM

Replace Your Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

You might be missing a single tooth or multiple teeth due to various reasons like an injury, illness, or tooth decay. Do you wish to replace them? Do you want to improve the way your smile looks and functions? Dental implants are the best option to resolve all such problems. With the custom-designed implants, the replaced tooth will look and feel natural that you won't even realize that they're a replacement. 

What are the drawbacks of missing teeth?

Missing teeth have many disadvantages, such as:

  • They indirectly affect the overall health of a person. 
  • When you lose a tooth, the functionality of your mouth would be affected. Oral activities such as biting and chewing food, talking, etc. can't be carried out as usual.
  • It hinders a person's confidence. People with missing teeth would feel embarrassed to smile in front of others.
  • Missing teeth allow the adjacent teeth to move from their position. This is because the teeth tend to move towards the gap, which is left by the missing tooth. It could lead to malocclusion. 
  • The adjacent teeth tend to loosen from their socket in the jawbone. This could lead to further tooth loss.
  • Missing teeth could lead to the shrinkage of the jawbone. Sometimes, you may also experience deterioration of the bone.

Why choose dental implants?

There are numerous reasons to choose dental implants:

Dental implants look natural.

Implants act as a natural tooth root and the crown attached to it looks just like your natural teeth. The implants are placed within your gums, so they don't need any adhesives to stay in place.

Dental implants are securely rooted.

A dental implant is a metal "root," made of titanium, which is inserted surgically into your jawbone, that fuses with the bone over the next few months. The post attached is secure and stable, which the dentist caps with an abutment. The abutment holds the customized porcelain crown in place. 

Dental implants keep your mouth healthy.

Dental implants can help in preserving the density and shape of your jawline. It also fills the gap left by your missing tooth; hence, the bacteria won't be able to reach your gums or bone.

Dental implants can last long.

If provided proper care, then dental implants can even over a lifetime. It is essential to clean them thoroughly and regularly, just like your real teeth. Do not forget to visit the dentist for regular dental cleanings.

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