Invisible Braces: Do You Need Them?

Posted by MINT DENTAL CARE on Sep 18 2020, 02:53 AM

Invisible Braces: Do You Need Them?

Have you received compliments for your beautiful smile? If yes, you would know how great it would feel when someone appreciates and admires your smile. But, not everyone is lucky in this regard as oral issues such as discoloration, malocclusion, cavities, external trauma, etc. can ruin the esthetics of the smile. Among them, malocclusion is one of the most prominent ones as it has affected the lives of millions of individuals from all around the world.

Getting malocclusion treated at a younger age can help to achieve a better smile. A specialized branch of dentistry, called orthodontics, is entirely dedicated to the treatment of malocclusion. Out of all the available orthodontic appliances, the most sought-after ones are dental braces. With the advancements in technology, dentists have come up with a new and most aesthetically-pleasing type of braces - Invisible braces (Lingual braces).

What are Invisible braces?

Invisible or hidden or lingual braces are the ones that are attached to the teeth from the rear side. Meaning, like conventional braces, they aren’t bonded to the teeth on the side facing the lips, but the sides facing the tongue. This makes them completely invisible as they would be hidden behind the teeth, but effectively performing their function.

What are the advantages of choosing hidden braces?

  • Hidden braces are placed behind the teeth, and hence, they wouldn’t affect your oral aesthetics. You can smile and talk to people as you always do without feeling embarrassed about the braces.
  • Most oral injuries that occur because of braces is due to the brackets and wires pressing against the soft inner lining of the mouth. This usually happens when the patients have a terrible fall or sustain an oral injury, causing cuts and bruises. But, hidden braces would be facing the tongue. Any oral trauma wouldn’t cause injuries to the soft tissues of the mouth.
  • Lingual braces are known to be just as effective as conventional ones. They can be used to treat complicated bite issues.
  • The treatment period with lingual braces is usually shorter as they effectively move the teeth quicker.

What about food habits?

Patients with dental braces are required to follow a specific diet that is devoid of sticky or hard foods. This is recommended to avoid the food from getting stuck in between the teeth and the braces. The same applies to lingual braces as well. Patients must avoid foods such as chocolate, candy, pizza, meat, etc. as they could affect the pressure applied by the braces on the teeth. Even if you do eat them, make sure you clean your teeth to get rid of the food debris.

If you’re looking to get malocclusion treated, invisible braces would be a great choice. Reach out to us on-call +1 623-471-5433 or by scheduling an online consultation, and we can discuss the candidacy and treatment plan.

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