How Can You Benefit from Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Posted by MINT DENTAL CARE on Aug 31 2020, 03:05 AM

How Can You Benefit from Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Having a bright and beautiful smile is truly a luxury and an added advantage when you socialize. Putting up a pleasing smile while interacting with people is seen as a sign of confidence. However, discolored teeth, which is a common oral condition, can keep us from smiling wholeheartedly. Over time, it can lead to frequent embarrassment, followed by serious issues with a lack of confidence.

What is the solution?

Teeth discoloration is purely a cosmetic dental concern. Though it doesn’t significantly affect oral functionality or oral health, it definitely makes your smile look less impressive. Getting rid of the stains on the teeth is quite a simple process and can be done by teeth whitening. Out of all the teeth whitening procedures, the Zoom system is one of the most sought-after ones, owing to its superior results and long-lasting effects.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is one of the most advanced teeth whitening systems in today’s world of dentistry. It is a type of laser teeth whitening, where the whitening gel is activated using a laser of the right intensity. It promotes the release of oxygen molecules, which helps to speed up the procedure and also provides long-lasting results. Zoom whitening is so effective due to the special whitening gel that is part of the system. It contains 25% Hydrogen Peroxide, which is a common bleaching agent used in most teeth whitening products.

How is the procedure carried out?

The dentist will carry out a thorough diagnosis of the oral cavity to determine your candidacy for the procedure. This will include factors such as the presence of cavities, oral restorations, the severity of teeth staining, hypersensitive teeth, etc. The teeth will be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of the tartar deposits and the adhered food debris. A rubber dam will have to be placed on the teeth to cover the gums, and protective gear will be given to cover the eyes.

The dentist will apply the hydrogen peroxide-rich whitening gel on the teeth and spread it evenly. The activating light will be introduced, which helps to speed up the procedure and facilitates the release of oxygen molecules. These molecules go into the porous structure of the teeth and bleach the staining particles. After about 15 minutes, the gel can be rinsed off, and the procedure will be repeated to get a brighter shade of whitening.

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