Broken or Lost Crown

Posted by MINT DENTAL CARE on Mar 24 2021, 07:45 AM

Broken or Lost Crown

Crown is the closest version of the natural tooth that one can ever dream of having. These restorations surround a tooth and cover or form a cap above the gum line to restore the tooth to a normal appearance. Due to the grace of technology, it is now possible to get back the broken or chipped tooth. If you fail to preserve it, it won't help you either. Dental crowns are one such delicate products that need precise attention. If you are wearing a dental crown and are worried about managing it, this article is dedicated to you. 

There are more serious complications that one has to suffer when you have a broken cap. Generally, dental crowns are made of strong materials like ceramic, gold, and porcelain, but remember that these materials are nothing when it comes to the natural tooth's strength. 

One needs to understand that dental crowns are made to survive anywhere between 5-15 years, and after that, damage to the crown can occur naturally. To prevent that, it is important to take care of them well and make timely appointments with your dentist.

Now let us discuss some of the tips of what to do when your crown is damaged. 

  • When you feel something wrong with your crown, stand in front of the mirror and take a closer look at the tooth's affected area. If you see a crown loosely attached to the teeth, then slowly pull it off before you swell it up. 
  • Gently run the finger across the affected tooth, check for the edges if it is sharp enough to cut your tooth's inside. If it is, then it can be a great problem. 
  • Once you are done with the examination, then it is time to rinse your mouth with warm water. Then, it is time to call your dentist and explain to him the situation and schedule an appointment immediately. 

If you have encountered a broken crown, you don't have to worry anymore. All you have to do is stay calm and follow the steps mentioned above and schedule an appointment. It is possible to repair the damaged crown or even replace the old one with the new one. 

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